Off-Plan Conveyancing

Buying Property Off-Plan

Buying a property 'off-plan' can present challenges, however, our team of specialist solicitors can guide you through the process

We advise on all aspects of buying properties ‘off-plan’, explaining the process in plain English. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure that the transaction proceeds to completion smoothly

In most cases, exchange of contracts and payment of deposit take place before the property is built, with completion following, usually some several months later. This can initially be somewhat daunting, but we will ensure we keep you informed at every stage


We can advise on the assignment of ‘off-plan’ properties before the property is finished and before completion has taken place. We listen carefully to what the client wishes to achieve, ensuring that the client understands the process from A to Z

We strive to provide excellent client care and a service that is personable , friendly and informative

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